An Iyengar yoga practice can vary as much as the weather—depending upon the week of the month, the time of the day, the practitioners in a class, their levels of experience, the instructor’s theme, and what poses had been taught during the previous few classes. All of these variables enhance the fun and challenge of a class, making each practice fresh and vibrant as it nurtures and balances your body.



Level I/Beginner (LI/B)

For all new and seasoned students!  This is the perfect class to start or rejuvenate a yoga practice. The basis of the Iyengar method is taught in standing poses. We work on standing balance, postural alignment, the fundamental forward extensions and seated postures.


Level I/Therapeutic Prop-Supported Practice (LI/TPSP)

For students with a practical understanding of the foundation poses.

This level introduces inversions, revolved poses and forward extensions-with a focus on the therapeutic use of props.


Level I Advanced/Level II (LIA/LII)

For students well practiced at Level I postures. Basic postures are refined and head balance (sirsasana), full arm balance, backbends and yogic breath work (pranayama) are integrated into a deeply experiential practice.


Pranayama Yogic Breathing

The 4th limb of Astanga [eight-limbed] yoga, known as yogic breathing, is introduced at Level I and further developed in the advanced levels. As our personal practice evolves, this amazingly spiritual and ancient study is developed with patience and fortitude.



For all students interested in stress relief and recovery practice.

Props such as bolsters and blankets are used to support and enhance a quality of surrender as the body is "gravitized" and the mind takes on a luminous state of being.

All Levels Class at the Collingswood Community Center

Open to all levels, all abilities, this mat class will focus on movement and stability in the Iyengar tradition. From the basics onward together we'll build a lifetime practice.